Persons of Interest

These images, created entirely on my computer, may be

purchased from me at Pay Pal for $125.00. They are

printed in fine detail on 8.5" x 11" high quality thick

rag paper and are titled and signed in pencil by the

artist, Mark Bulwinkle. Shipping and packing fees

are free and I ship anywhere in the USA, from

West Oakland, Ca. to your door via US Mail.

When ordering make sure to indicate by name

which print you are buying. Thank you!



Shandra Framed



Shandra Elegante




Cowsey Wowsey


Horsey Worsey


Carlos Afasando


Lorna Dune




Handy Harold


They Acupuncture Me


The Patient Patient


Stay tuned in, more persons of interest to come later!


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