The Famous Baseball Players of 1973

While Clint Eastwood was busy creating

Inspector Harry Callahan, in that same city,

I was busy creating Famous Baseball Players.

Inspector Mark Bulwinkle in 1975.

And below, The Team, out of uniform,

as imagined in 1973 in San Francisco, Ca.

Fight on Team Magnum Force!


Hollarin Holly


Stinko Dinko


Smilin Sid


Nervous Jervis


Aggin Ott


Gobie Zadobie


Pando Hando


Rollickin Robot Ron


Afto Malto


Gando Beede


The Tim Twins


Pitcher Pete


Catcher Queeny


Dado Golototnee


Salty Sam


Coyote Clem


Joey Gobobee


Wolf Willsney


Wood Board


Mister Man


Teeno Stoteeno


Rude Ruthy


Gastly Gandiffer


Beeyooteous Bill Bob


Leeny Boteeny


Left Field Lilly


Gavo Pinto


Friendly Fred the Owner


Drop Dead Dick


Idonabit Distoefistoe


Silly Shaker Slaverinsky


Gasto Blasto, Manager


Zando Fando (Deluxe)


The Worm


Club House Harry


Eezoitotte Em, Public Relations

ZilloBillo Varoteesibick


Deeno Stoteeno


Dingy Bobingeeh


Frantic Dantic


Yinsee Hinsee


Art Agg, Disipline Department


All images silk screened in 1973

with synthetic enamel on rag board

by the artist, Inspector Bulwinkle.