Linoleum Cut Prints on Hand Made

Acid Free Indian Rag Paper

by the artist, Mark Bulwinkle

Printed by Mark Bulwinkle in 2017 his studio in Oakland, California

You may purchase a print for $150.00 with PayPal and have it mailed

to you. There are no additional charges, just 150 bucks for a signed

original Bulwinkle print just like the ones you see below. Always list the

number of the print you want to buy in PayPal. Thanks.


Bulwinkle linoleum cut print

All my linoleumcut prints are created with the assistance of

Old Faithful, a late nineteenth century proof press. In every

printing shop in the world at one time you could find one

of these cast iron work horses showing the typesetter what

his hand set lead copy looked like before it might join the larger

press which created your book or daily newspaper. I rescued

this small proof press from a friend before it went to the scrap

yard. With a little oil, wire brushing, and heat applied to

all of its stiff and tired bushings, it works probably better

than when it was new. Cast iron and bronze bushings can

last a lifetime, unlike this computer... and the artist, of course.


1 - "Nipper"


All prints are printed on hand made acid free rag paper

made in India. The approximate size of each piece of paper

is 9 x 12 inches. The image size is approximately 6 x 8 inches.

Each print is signed as an artist's proof in pencil by the artist,

Mark Bulwinkle. There is no edition size. Materials durability

and availability determines the number of prints created, and, of

course, how long the artist wants to keep on keeping on.


2 - "Big Fish"



3 - "Mr. Trout"



4 - "Bird Girl"


5 - "Tuffy"


6- "Cat Fish"


7 - "Jinxy"


8 - "Eloise"


9 - "Randy"


10 - "Sheila"


11 - "Robotto"


12 - "Sail Away"


13- "Billy"


14 - "Gato"


15 - "Ramona"


16 - "Vera"


17 - "Driver Girl"


18 - "Family Man"


19 - "Flying"


20 - "Fluttering"


21 - "Negotiator"


22 - "A Man's Man"


23 -"Hooked"


24 - "Battle Cat"


25 - "Mr. Moon"


26 - "Motor Girl"


27 - "Motor Man"


28 - "Bird"


29 - "Gato Babe"


30 - "Kitty Witty"


31 - "Guinea Pig"


32 - "Horsey Worsey"


33 - "Ratso Rat"


34 - "Fishy"


35 - "Turtle"


36 - "Poochy Dog"


37 - "Snakey Wakey"